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If you’re a Travel Agent and your clients are looking for an active holiday in Italy, you can count on us! Do not just sell them any tour, but count on our expertise to offer your clients the tour which is just right for them!

If you are a travel agent, selling tours worldwide, you cannot know every single spot of each country. We at Genius Loci Travel do specialise in one single country, Italy. This means that we at Genius Loci Travel know every single spot of this country, better than any other operator and that we can design the perfect walking or cycling holiday for your clients in any place around Italy, from the Alps down to Sicily.

We do have all the necessary local knowledge, and can help you out with every special request from your clients, at very good rates. Don’t lose precious time to search for something special in Italy, we probably have found it already! Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Welcome to the Genius Loci Travel Agents Pages. WELCOME TO THE REAL ITALY !

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